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  • Pure Acrylic ADHESION PROMOTED binder
  • Iron oxide pigments for least colour fading
  • Water-based for environmental and applicator friendliness

Adhesion Promoted Roof

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WeatherPrufe ADHESION PROMOTED ROOF:  Pure Acrylic adhesion promoted iron oxide shade roof paints designed for maximum durability in harsh climatic conditions.


On smooth sealed surfaces a spread rate of 8 - 10 sq metres per litre is obtained per coat.


Ensure that the surface to be coated is free of dirt and loose material. Prime friable surfaces with WeatherPrufe Masonry Primer or WeatherPrufe Bonding Liquid prior to coating. Apply with lambs-wool roller or good quality brush. Sound fibre cement roof sheets or cement roof tiles need not be primed prior to coating. Pre-wetting of these substrates before coating ensures that a good spread rate is achieved. Galvanized iron roofs should be cleaned and primed prior to coating.

To maximize the life span of the coating, always apply two coats, thus ensuring the recommended dry paint film thickness is achieved. 

Allow 4 – 6 hours drying time in between coats.

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