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  • Marble texture for hard wearing finish
  • Hides poor plaster work
  • Weather resistant
  • Water based for environmental and applicator friendliness

Fine Textured Acrylic

WeatherPrufe FINE TEXTURED ACRYLIC: Marble textured modified acrylic for Exterior walls & Interior feature walls.


On smooth sealed surfaces a spread rate of 6 - 8 sq metres per litre is obtained per coat. On previously unpainted masonry substrates; the spread rate is dependant on the porosity and profile of the plaster.


Ensure that the surface to be coated is free of dirt and loose material. Prime friable surfaces with WeatherPrufe Masonry Primer or WeatherPrufe Bonding Liquid prior to coating, at a spread rate of 8 – 10 sqm per litre, allowing 6 – 8 hours drying time. 

Apply with lambs-wool roller or good quality brush. Firm and dry plaster can be coated directly with this product.

Allow 4 – 6 hours drying time between coats.

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