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  • Proprietary blend of emulsions ensures balanced properties
  • Excellent weatherability combined with stain blocking capability
  • Flexible coating able to withstand thermally induced movement of substrate
  • Water based for environmental and applicator friendliness
  • Available in White, standard oxide shades and pastel tints

Super Acrylic ST

WeatherPrufe SUPER ACRYLIC ST™: High solids coating for application to ‘torch-on’ bituminous membranes.

Able to withstand expansion and contraction as well as blocking the bleed-through of oily stains usually associated with such products.



A spread rate of 8 – 10 sqm per litre is obtained per coat, dependent on the profile of the substrate.


Ensure that the surface to be coated is free of dirt and loose material. Newly applied membranes should be allowed to weather for at least two weeks, or until oily patches have dried.

Apply two coats, allowing 4 – 6 hours drying time between coats.  Apply with a good quality lambs-wool roller.



This product is supplied ready to use and no dilution should be required.

If, for ease of application purposes it is necessary, dilute no more than 5% with clean water.

Clean application equipment with water directly after use.

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