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  • Alkali–resistant
  • High resin formula both binds loose or powdery surfaces, and maximizes penetration of porous substrates
  • Selected pigments used maximize the breathability of the film
  • Can be over coated with most decorative topcoats
  • Approved by the Thales Institute for safe use in the Wine Industry

Masonry Primer

WeatherPrufe MASONRY PRIMER: Solvent based alkali-resistant primer for dry unpainted masonry substrates or on previously painted chalking surfaces.


A spreading rate of 6 - 10 square metres per litre is obtained on unpainted masonry substrates (variation dependant on finish), and 8 - 10 square meters per litre on previously painted surfaces (variation dependant on over coating a smooth or textured finish).


Apply to dry masonry substrates using a good quality brush or roller. Allow 8 hrs drying before over coating. Apply finishing coats as specified.



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