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  • Alkali-resistant
  • Binds loose or powdery surfaces
  • Penetrates porous substrates
  • Can be over coated with most decorative topcoats
  • Ideally suited for sealing fibre cement interior Cellar, pack shed, storage and bottling plant roofs

Bonding Liquid

WeatherPrufe BONDING LIQUID: Solvent based alkali-resistant clear penetrating binder and sealer. Ideal for coating on loosely bound porous cementitious substrates as well as badly chalking previously painted surfaces.


A spreading rate of 6 - 10 square metres per litre is obtained on unpainted masonry substrates, and 8 - 10 square meters per litre on previously painted surfaces.


Apply to dry masonry substrates using a good quality brush or roller.

Allow 6 – 8 hours drying before over coating.

Apply finishing coats as specified.


Approved by the Wine Industry

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