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  • Good penetration into substrate
  • Balanced binder and oil levels to ensure good timber protection
  • Can be over coated with conventional top coats

Wood Primer

WeatherPrufe WOOD PRIMER:  Alkyd based primer suitable for use on interior and exterior timber.


Contains oils for wood fibre protection and alkyd resin for penetration into the substrate to ensure a good key is provided for subsequent top-coat application.

Typically 8 - 10 square metres per litre, dependant on the type and profile of the wood being coated.


Sand down new timber with progressively finer sand-papers until the desired timber finish is achieved.

Dust off the surface well.

Ensure that any knots visible are treated with a suitable knotting sealer as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Apply one coat Wood Primer with a good quality brush or roller. Thin up to 5% if necessary.

Allow 8 hours drying time before over coating with enamels.

Allow 48 hours drying time if water based top coats are to be used on previously unpainted or unvarnished wood.

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