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  • Very tough and hard wearing coating
  • Interior and Exterior applications
  • Highly washable
  • Good flow and levelling

High Gloss Enamel

WeatherPrufe HIGH GLOSS ENAMEL:  A premium grade Alkyd based coating for Interior and Exterior applications. Hard wearing product with good washability ideally suited for interior doors and trim, as well as exterior window frames and timber coating.


On suitably primed surfaces a spreading rate of 10 - 12 square metres per litre will be achieved.


Apply only to suitably primed or sealed substrates. Masonry substrates should be sealed using WeatherPrufe Masonry or Plaster Primer prior to coating, at a spread rate of 8 – 10 sqm per litre, allowing 6 – 8 hours drying time.

Apply two coats to the prepared and primed substrates using a good quality brush or mohair roller. Allow 24 hrs between coats.

When repainting surfaces previously coated with enamels, sand down to matt finish before applying the first coat. Inspect the surface to ascertain if spot priming is required.

Apply two coats as above.

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