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  • Balance of oil, wax and alkyd resin ensures maximum protection
  • High level of UV resistant pigmentation
  • Highly weather resistant
  • Penetrates timber and lubricates fibres
  • Ideally suited to harsh South African conditions
  • Easily re-coated


WeatherPrufe WOODSEAL:  A balanced blend of oils, alkyd resin & waxes designed to penetrate, lubricate and protect exterior timber.


The spreading rate is dependant on the hardness of the timber to which it is applied. 

As a general rule, a spread rate of 12 sqm per litre will be obtained on hard woods and on previously coated substrates. 

On soft woods, the first application can have a spreading rate as low as 6 sqm per litre.


Sand down surfaces using a good quality sand paper.  Dust off well and apply three full coats at 24 hr intervals.  Previously treated surfaces should be wiped down with a rag wet in lacquer thinners and allowed to dry before applying two full coats at 24 hr intervals.  Due to the high oil content, it is recommended that this product be used outdoors only.

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