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  • Polyurethane Alkyd binder for hard wearing protection of interior timber
  • Can be supplied in an attractive Eggshell sheen

Polyurethane Varnish

WeatherPrufe POLYURETHANE VARNISH:  A hard wearing interior wood varnish suitable for coating on timber floors and skirting boards.


The spreading rate is dependant on the hardness of the timber to which it is applied.

As a general rule, a spread rate of 12 square metres per litre will be obtained on hard woods and on previously coated substrates.

On soft woods, the first application can have a spreading rate as low as 6 square metres per litre.


Sand down uncoated surfaces using a good quality sand paper.

Dust off and apply the first coat of WeatherPrufe Polyurethane Varnish, thinned 10% with mineral turpentine and allow 24 hours.

Apply three undiluted coats, at a spread rate not exceeding 12 sqm per litre per coat, at 24 hour intervals, sanding lightly with a fine sand paper and dusting off between coats.

Previously varnished surfaces should be sanded down to an even matt finish before applying two undiluted coats, allowing 24 hours drying time in between coats.

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