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  • Effectively removes surface rust from metal surfaces
  • Provides an ideal metal pre-treatment for priming


Rust Remover

WeatherPrufe RUST REMOVER:  A clear blend of acid and solvents designed to remove surface rust from metal surfaces.



Degrease surface to be treated thoroughly with WeatherPrufe Tornado.  Allow to dry.

Wire brush or sand the surface to remove loose material.

Brush or sponge Rust Remover onto the surface and allow 15 minutes for the reaction to take place (In the instance of sever rust, a two-application system might well be required).

Small objects can be immersed in a bath containing the Rust Remover.

When dry, prime the de-rusted surface and coat with specified top-coat.

Approved by the Wine Industry

Note that as the product is acidic, gloves and goggles should be used by the applicator for personal protection.

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