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Quick Dry Enamel

WeatherPrufe QUICK DRY ENAMEL:  Quick drying multi-purpose hard wearing enamel with highly chemical resistant properties.  Can be applied to degreased rust free metal. 


Typically 10sqm per litre


For metal surfaces, ensure that the surface to be coated is free of oil, dirt and loose material. 

Wire brush or sand down previously rusted surfaces to bright metal and treat using WeatherPrufe Rust Remover, then clean off well with WeatherPrufe Tornado, allow to dry.

Spot prime with two coats of WeatherPrufe Etch Primer and allow 4 hours drying time between coats.

Apply WeatherPrufe Quick Dry Enamel by spray gun in a controlled, wind free environment.

Over-coating time is 2 hours.

This product should not be used where hydrocarbon solvents, fuels or oil spillages are likely.

Product can be thinned with Xylene, which is also suitable for cleaning application equipment after use.

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