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  • High lustre leafing aluminium finish
  • Heat reflective

Aluminium Paint

WeatherPrufe ALUMINIUM PAINT: Ready mixed leafing aluminum paint suitable for coating primed metal surfaces


A spreading rate of 8 - 10 sqm per litre is typically obtained.


Apply to primed metal using a good quality brush or mohair roller.

Allow to dry for 48 hours before applying second coat.

Application should not be attempted on wet surfaces or if dew is likely to fall within 2 hrs.

Avoid application to very hot surfaces, as the aluminum flakes may not have sufficient time to leaf before solvent flash-off has occurred.

In the event of over coating metal previously painted with aluminum, after high pressure water jetting, special attention must be paid to the condition of remaining paint – it is imperative that ALL loose and flaking paint be physically removed by means of sanding to a smooth & stable (sound) finish before any repairs or rust areas are attended to, and before any prime or paintwork commences.

During warmer months, the standard over coating time between coats is 48 hours.

During cooler months, over coating time is extended to one full week before applying the second coat. Also, Aluminum Paint should only be applied when 4 – 5 consecutive days WITHOUT RAIN are forecast.

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