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  • Obviates the need for 28 day curing time of cement & may be over coated as soon as dry
  • Dramatically improves:       
    • Water-proofing
    • Abrasion resistance
    • Flexibility of plasters
  • Adheres to many substrates
  • Available in small and large twin packs
  • Water-based for safety and environmentally friendly use
  • Can be used to fill small cracks and do minor concrete and cement repairs


WeatherPrufe WEATHERCRETE:   A 2-part system, containing an acrylic dispersion (Part A), and a cement mix (Part B) for use as a modified cement screed.  It increases the water-repellency of the screed, as well as improving adhesion, abrasion resistance and flexibility.




Remove the contents of the 25-litre container. Empty the bag of cement mix into the container, and then add the polymer blend while stirring. Once the product is well mixed and free of “lumps”, apply it in a thin screed on the chosen substrate and allow to dry.

The product can be further enhanced by the light application of moisture on the screed

12-48 hours after application.

Sand to match surrounds before hardening.

Ensure to clean all application equipment immediately after use.

Approved by the Wine Industry

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